Big Love to Driftwood Brewery

Those of you who have checked out who the Beerbirds are, know that one of us will be rowing across the Pacific Ocean in less than one month. Rebecca will be rowing from Monterey, CA to Honolulu, HI alongside fellow rower and adventurist, Leanne Zrum. This trip will be entirely human powered with a little Fat Tug compliments of Driftwood Brewery, thrown in for an added boost.


When Rebecca first announced she was embarking on this trip she said all she wanted at the end was to step onto dry land and be greeted with a cold Fat Tug. We couldn’t be happier this vision will come true! The amazing folks at Driftwood are not only keeping that dream alive but sending along hoodies to keep them warm, t-shirts to flash to the camera and hats to protect them from the sun.

It’s no secret the ladies of Row the Pacific LOVE Fat Tug. We here at Beerbirds are pretty darn fond of them too. Truly a small “town” success story it’s one that is close to my heart because I’m from the Island. I still have that pride deep inside of me and a love for all things just a “little different”. Driftwood, to me, is just that: a little different. Unique. One of a kind. Original.

While I’m not a Fat Tug kinda gal, I do get a wee bit excited for Crooked Coast Altbier and of course, the Farmhand Saison.

Perhaps while the ladies are rowing, the other Birds will be chillin’ with a Driftwood brew. Sounds about right.

Thank you Driftwood! We love you!


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