How to Support Craft Beer

Many of you in BC are probably aware of CAMRA- Campaign for Real Ale, but did you know you can become a member? And as we all know, membership has it’s perks (and then some in this case). Aside from perks like discounts on beer- CAMRA is an essential force in the education and promotion of craft beer. The website itself says it best: “…an independent, volunteer-run consumer organization dedicated to supporting the brewing of traditional styles of beer in the traditional manner, using traditional ingredients.”

Beer Concept Menu for Ordering and Drink Types

What I personally love about the site is the wealth of information running from where to get growlers filled to other local beer bloggers. Issues up for debate such as FUSS (Fess up to Serving Sizes- are you getting served a proper pint for your bucks?) to the ridiculously hilarious “unhappy hour” recently announced by the not-so-alcohol-friendly BC Liberals are posted as well. If you’re already supporting your local breweries and filling up environmentally friendly growlers- why not become a member? Raising awareness and spreading the word is vital for this industry. If we all took little steps to speak up and inform others, perhaps the government will finally listen; we’re all adults just trying to enjoy a tasty brew…(visit the site for information on who your MLA is and how to contact them about BC’s odd liquor laws)

How do you join? Simple- click here. Individuals are $25/year and couples come in even better, at $40/year. CAMRA is an amazing resource available to us online or via the many events and classes it promotes.


Get involved. Speak up. Support local.



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