Roundhouse Radio January 15, 2016 Hyper Local Part 1

That’s a wrap! We just finished another show on Roundhouse Radio and as usual, it was a blast. We called tonight’s show, “Hyper-Local Part 1” because we wanted to feature the many breweries that are within walking distance to the station in what is known as Yeast Van. These are breweries that are literally a short walk away, or one bus if you’re inclined…hence, hyper-local. You can listen HERE.

roudhouse 1-15-16

Tonight we chose Bomber Brewing, Powell Street Craft Brewery and Storm Brewing. These 3 breweries are vastly different, but mainstays in the growing Yeast Van community. We chose these particular breweries to start off the series because they consistently produce amazing brews and are extremely well known in the craft-beer scene here in Vancouver.

First up was a style of beer near and dear to my heart personally, and that’s Le Vegabond French Saison by Powell Street Craft Brewery. This beer was created exclusively as part of a 4 pack to be sent to Alberta, showcasing the beers of B.C. Four Winds, Dageraad and Steel & Oak round out the pack. As a saison lover, this beer did not disappoint. It was gloriously fragrant with hints of citrus and strawberry and poured out a little bubbly with a slight head of delicate foam. This beer converted our non-drinking host, into an immediate fan. I have always suggested this style to people who prefer white wine and say they “hate beer”. It’s light and crisp, refreshing, slightly effervescent and delicious. It doesn’t get much better in my opinion, than a beautifully crafted saison and this is just that.


Next up was Choqlette from Bomber Brewing. I could barely contain my excitement to tell the story behind this beer! To put it in a nutshell, owner/operator Don Farion created this beer as a love letter to his wife. She’s a fan of stouts/porters and loves dark chocolate. After conversing with his brewers they created Choqlette, with 3 additions of chocolate during the brewing process. It goes beyond the beer though; even the label is for his wife right down to the graphics and the wording. Her favorite things are captured in little frames such as their 2 dogs, her childhood horse, shoes and even the flowers carried at their wedding. If that’s not enough to make anyone swoon- the beer description can be sung to the tune of ‘My Favorite Things’ from the Sound of Music. Yes, really. But how did it taste you ask? Divine. Simply divine. I’m always on a quest to find a chocolate porter that actually tastes like chocolate, and not overpowered with bitterness and coffee notes. Choqlette was lush and creamy feeling – all with the full taste of…you guessed it, CHOCOLATE. I loved this beer.

Last but certainly not least, was the unique and off-the-wall original brewery of Storm Brewing. They will turn 21 this year and were brewing craft beer long before the others. Known for their creative brews and quirky staff, the beers we focused on did not disappoint. We sampled the Highland Scottish Ale first and the overall comment was “butterscotch”. Everyone loved it and wanted more…a sure sign you’ve got a great beer obviously! Second from Storm was the Lavender Blueberry Pilsner and it was definitely unique. It poured out with the palest hint of pink and lavender was at the forefront; not only in smell, but taste as well. I wouldn’t suggest this beer to anyone who dislikes the smell of lavender because it’s very prominent. The combination of the berry and the herb works beautifully however and it “just works”.*


We rounded out the show with the mention of two upcoming beer events:

Huge thanks to comedian Ivan Decker for joining us and as always, the amazing folks at Roundhouse Radio. Tune in on January 29th for “Hyper-Local Part 2”.

Listen to the show HERE.


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