Yes! You Should Talk to Strangers

It was one of those spur of the moment kinda decisions. This past week was brunch and a couple pints at the Queens Cross and then- it hit me. Strange Fellows is open! Sure it’s on the other side of “the bridge” but it’s what I’ve been waiting for- FOR MONTHS. I made a great decision; the place was hopping with a very cool vibe that changed tempo a tad as the day went on. Let’s be honest, we want tasty beer but we also want a cool atmosphere. It helps to drink tasty beer in an environment that is unique and maybe supports the community (art) or local talent (musicians). Strange Fellows does that. The space is gorgeous; fully adorned with custom made masks each representing a style of beer, a wall ‘o merchandise, cool little rubbers stamps to personalize your growler and a slightly industrial but warm feeling. The massive windows into the shiny, sparkly brewery aren’t too shabby either and allow one to gaze around in awe while sipping. Tables were both communal, bar and some 4-6 seaters by the window to suit all parties and types.

Isn't she lovely?

Isn’t she lovely?

OK. The beer. Was it tasty? Hell yes. I *think* I tried them all but my favorite (no surprise to those who know me) was the Biere de Garde and following in an extremely close 2nd place was the Talisman Pale Ale. This beer wasn’t my first pick and then the ever-so-charming Nick came over and began to talk beer. Serious beer talk.  He asked me why I wasn’t a fan of Pale Ales – and my answer? I was honest- I don’t have a love affair with the hop that most of the Pacific Northwest seems to have. I don’t like the bitterness and find some pale ales strike me as too bitter. It’s usually one I try last (but I do try!)…Before I could blink Nick had left the table and seconds later was back with the Talisman for our table to try. I’m a believer. I’ve been reformed dammit! I fell in love…grapefruit, slight pine, little bitter and what could be called bitter by some, came across as a fruit note. Fellow Bird Rebecca who DOES love the mighty hop, was blown away by the taste and simple uniqueness it offered.

The Brown Ale was excellent as well. I usually rave about Main Street Brewing’s Westminster Brown being my ultimate choice of this style. I still will rave, it’s bloody delicious, but this one from Strange Fellows can hold it’s own.

Aside from the usual glasses and growler fills, the tasting room offers a Box ‘o Strange, like a flight/paddle but it’s, you know, a box 🙂 This is obviously the way to go if you want to try more than one (and why wouldn’t you?) and get the full flavor profile.

Personally, we can’t WAIT to go back and will be stopping in this Saturday, Jan 3rd. I just whet my whistle basically the first time, and went away wanting more. Much more. I was lucky enough to speak to the men behind Strange Fellows, Ian and Aaron as well. A more in depth story will be in the near future as these guys start to brew more, get established and really show us what they’ve got. For now? We highly recommend this joint; the beer, the vibe, the staff all make it an amazing addition to a crazy-cool beer culture we have here in YVR.



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