Faculty Brewing

Vancouver’s newest craft brewery is on the cusp of opening! Fingers crossed that Faculty Brewing will be opening today! Keep it tuned to their Twitter to find out!

I had the chance to visit on Sunday at an exclusive CAMRA Members sneak peek event. The space is on 1830 Ontario St. right around the corner from the new R&B Ale and Pizza faculty-beerHouse. It’s a smaller space than most new breweries have been shooting for, but it’s bright and open; you can see the tanks because they’re right beside you!

The beers that were on tap on Sunday were the Blonde, the Mint Hefe, Chinook and the Oaked Stout. All of the beer were awesome! The mint had a light body, an unfiltered wheat character and a very subtle mint undertone. (This was my fave!). The Blonde was clean, crisp, and has a higher ABV than most blondes, but still drinks like the lower American Blondes would. The Oaked Stout is another great summer stout selection, and those are hard to find!

The space is going to be small batch beers, nothing more than 8 hectalitres, with a huge focus on beer education (hence the name “Faculty”!). Another neat aspect of this brewery is the number system. Each beer is assigned a number on the board and has a corresponding tap handle. That helps make ordering pretty simple, but the numbers also indicate the complexity of the beer!

I had a great time visiting on Sunday and I hope that you get a chance to as well, if not today, then very soon!





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