Parkside Brewery

The newest addition to Port Moody’s brewery row is now open! Parkside Brewing officially opened yesterday, so no matter how you get yourself to Port Moody, you’ve got FOUR breweries you can samples from!


I’m head over heels for the retro 50’s design the entire brewery has. From the use of seafoam green to the neon sign out front and the slick tiles as the back splash at the bar, even the brewery car is a throw back!

I had a chance to sample the first three beers that are available at the brewery, the Graffiti IPA, the Dusk Pale Ale, and the Dawn Pilsner. Pale ale fans will enjoy the Dusk, while I was a huge fan of the Dawn Pilsner. Super crisp and refreshing, it’s a perfect first brew that approachable for all beer fans. Give them all a sample when you order a Park Bench, their adorable taster rack! Vern Lambourne brings his years of experience to Parkside and you can taste it. I’ll honestly say that I’ve had several first run beers from new breweries and a lot of them still need to work out the kinks and find their groove. But I think Parkside has hit the ground running with what they’ve got and it’s all delicious!


Another exciting element to Parkside is they have a food truck schedule for every day! There’s a side door to the brewery that will allow truck to pull right up to the side so you won’t have to travel far for your food. The full schedule will be up on their website soon.

The brewery is made up of 30 hectalitre tanks and 8 fermentors that came straight from Victoria, keeping the business BC based, and making it easier should any repairs be needed! There’s also plenty of room for future expansions.

Port Moody at little too far for you? Parkside is also planning to can! They already have the canning line ready to go, and are expecting the actual cans in the next couple months. So look for Dawn and Dusk to be in six packs, and Graffiti and other seasonals in tallboys to be in stores late summer/early fall.

With four breweries in the area, I’ll be planning more visits to Port Moody soon. Hope to see you there!



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  1. 300 Hl tanks? that might be a typo The tanks might be 30 hectoliter that’s pretty big for a micro.

    1. Oh I don’t doubt it is XD I was typing pretty fast day of and probably added an extra zero while he was talking!

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