Stanley Park Brewing Sunsetter Lounge

Yes, it’s that time again. Summer officially hits our little brewing community with the coolest party of the season hosted by Stanley Park Brewing. On June 29th, Shawna and I (and friend) had the once-again pleasure of attending the Sunsetter Lounge party on overlooking gorgeous English Bay. This year definitely had a more laid back vibe with an emphasis on chilling out and relaxing. Upon entering we were greeted with cool beers, hot sun and a gorgeous spread by the fine folks at Railtown Catering.


For those of you not yet acquainted with Sunsetter, it’s a lovely, light and peachy ale that really does taste like summer. I don’t find it overly sweet and at under 5% ABV, its perfect for the patio or an after work beer. Trust me when I say, this beer goes down very, very nice. New for 2016 is the arrival of the beach and camping friendly can available in 9 packs! We didn’t think it was possible, but they made the experience even better. Now there’s no reason why you can’t take Sunsetter along on your next day trip, or weekend trip.

Also new this year was the West Coast Sunset Cocktail featuring the beer of the night; Shawna was the lucky one who sampled this: “A delightful blend of vodka, iced tea, OJ and Sunsetter beer. It’s a bit filling due to the OJ, but a great beer cocktail overall. I highly recommend to anyone who likes a fruity cocktail.” Personally we’re thinking goodbye Mimosa, and hello West Coast Sunset (or Sunrise?).

However you want to sample this beer, just go for it. It embodies Vancouver and summer easy-living. No pressures, nothing crazy…just a great little beer for the warm weather. These folks have some wonderful beers ranging from Pilsner, to Amber and a new West Coast Pale. There’s something for everyone.

stanley park snacks

Snacks anyone? Home made chips and caramel corn!

stanley park sunsetter

Great food and ambiance!

sunsetter can

Behold the Can – Photo courtesy Stanley Park Brewing Twitter feed


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