Stanley Park Brewing Day Trip Adventure

Wednesday, June 18th was the day I re-discovered the jewel of Vancouver, AKA Stanley Park. The good folks at Stanley Park Brewing came up with this pretty awesome idea to invite some people on a day trip adventure mid week and take in all that the park as to offer. It was a whirlwind of new faces, beer, lawn bowling, a picnic, cricket and more beer all rolled into a few hours. Thankfully, the sun shone for us all afternoon and the beers flowed (yes it’s Sunsetter time again!) freely as our hosts took us for an afternoon adventure.

The day started at Mahony & Sons just off the Convention Centre, near Canada Place. It really doesn’t get better; ample seating and a huge patio with ocean and mountain views. Then we boarded a Vancouver Trolley bus and headed into the park! Along the way we picked up history buff Jolene Castillou Cumming who was a wealth of fascinating information. (check out her website for historic tours of the park and the West End). We dabbled in lawn bowling, pitch & putt, and cricket in the first part of the trip and some new talents were discovered. Beer Lawn Bowling League anyone?

We also stopped for a classic “picnic in the park” compliments of Picnix Al Fresco– a sweet little company piknikthat brings a gourmet picnic to you! We dined at little carts that turn into tables laden with charcuterie, fruit, cheese, and sweets along side sparkling water and fresh lemonade. I was pretty much blown away by the simplicity and honest-to-goodness yumminess of the whole thing. It was perfect. You can even have big umbrellas, extra food and games like bocce included.

We ended at the beautiful Stanley Park Pavilion with a gorgeous array of snacks from pear & cheese bites to wings and sticky toffee pudding! Of course all the Stanley Park beers were featured with the spotlight on the latest brew, the West Coast Lager. This seemed to be the go-to-favorite; probably because we had all worked up a sweat from the afternoon activities and it went down very easily.

Stanley Park Brewery puts on one of the best parties we’ve ever had the pleasure of being invited to. They are gracious hosts who go the extra mile and this day trip adventure did not disappoint. If you would like to see what we got up to in entirety, just use #daytripadventure on social media and sit back to enjoy the ride.

What places have you discovered in our backyard lately?



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