Maple Meadows 1 Year Anniversary and Double IPA

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On Saturday April 16, Maple Meadows Brewing celebrated their one year anniversary. I just happened to be in Maple Ridge that day and had never been to Maple Meadows before. It was a no brainer, we were stopping in to help them celebrate and have a beer or two. maple meadows party

Maple Meadows is the first craft brewery in Maple Ridge. Considering they have only been open for a year, the people of Maple Ridge must have been more than ready to have a brewery in their neighborhood. The tasting room was packed! It’s a small store front with seating for just a few people but it was standing room only that day. There was a line out the door just to get growler fills.To help them celebrate, they had a very tasty raspberry cake from the Hansel and Gretel Bakery next door and authentic scratch made tacos from Lupita Mexican Foods.

For the first anniversary, Maple Meadows launched a Double IPA. It paired amazingly with the chorizo burrito with homemade hot sauce I had from Lupita’s. I don’t drink a lot of Ipa’s, but when I do, I love to eat spicy food. As a Double IPA implies, this was a very hoppy beer.  Immediately, I smelled that signature floral aroma I associate with hops as soon as I picked up the glass. They don’t give an exact measure of how hoppy it is but they say it has an IBU of 100+ and ABV of 8.2. I don’t love a kick in the face with hops beer but this one was really well balanced. There was a slight sweet and fruitiness that came through but it definitely has that hoppy bitter finish. This beer is a little hoppier than I personally like in beer on its own but I really enjoyed it with food. Good Job Carlo and best of luck in the next year. I will be back to try that hefe I saw you are currently brewing.

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  1. Wish I could have made it out there. I think I was there on opening day last year and I was there a few times before they opened.

    That beer sounds mighty tasty though and is one of my preferred styles of beer to boot! I hope it sticks around.

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