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If Boba Fett had been presented with Han Solo in carbonite, or Dogwood Brewing’s Organic Honey beer, he would have forgone the credits from Jabba the Hutt and taken up a pint.

dogwood_honeyBrewmaster Claire makes a delicious brew, whether it’s a stout or a delicious concoction with pineapple, especially when the latter is paired with a whole roasted pig. I heard the summer luau was a real hit, and wish I could have been there for that one. What I do get to see on a regular basis is the tasting room when we meet for our monthly book club. There are long rustic tables, with bench seating, herbs growing on the window sill, and a corner full of board games.

What goes better with beer than pizza? Pizza of course. Organic, in-house made pizzas are crafted to order; meat and vegetarian options are available. Grab a brew and a bite, pick your favourite game, and hangout with your friends – or make some new ones. The staff are always great, happy to chat or tell you all about the beer, and organic it sure is. All ingredients are sourced within BC, and from certified organic businesses, honestly, it’s written on the boxes the beer comes in, including a map, just in case you happen to be curious. Actually, Claire has written her entire process on the recyclable box (flip it over and have a read, there’s some interesting history there).

Some may say “but it’s so far away!” Okay, so the brewery is off of SW Marine Dr, near Lee Valley, but there is a bus stop nearby, and the Canada Line is only a few minutes west. There is unrestricted parking both in the parking lot and on Sherbrooke St, but be smart with the beer drinking if you are going to drive. Best to not as you won’t want to stop drinking the beer!

The beer makes the journey so worth it. The last two times I had the honey beer I paired it with pizza – shocking, right? The salty, creaminess, is perfect with the crisp sweetness of the beer. There’s a lack of hoppy bitter aftertaste, so if you like that kind of thing, this beer is a good break from that. Personally, I enjoy that that flavour is omitted, and the addition of the bee barf makes Dogwood Brewing’s Organic Honey my end of summer choice (if there is such a thing).


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