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Last year we reviewed one beer made by cast members of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, and this year Jill takes on the second beer!


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As a child, I was always drawn to the fantasy world; witches and wizards were alive in my imagination. Naturally, I wanted to watch Once Upon a Time, especially since it is filmed around the Lower Mainland, and consequently we are hooked on the TV show. When I heard that Main Street Brewing did a beer with Rebecca Mader, aka Zelena, the Wicked Witch from Oz on the show, I knew I had to pick up a couple bottles. I am so happy that I did.

Not only was I intrigued about the beer, having missed out on their “By Hook and By Crook” (brewed with the help of Captain Hook and Robin Hood) but I also saw that they are raising money for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, in the hopes of helping update their aging kitchen equipment. As stated on their website “Not to be outdone, Rebecca [Mader] decided to create a little magic of her own in the form of this tasty Schwarzbier, a Witches’ Brew so magical, it will send your taste buds to Oz and back.” I must say I am happily floating under her spell!

Typically, a Schwarzbier is a dark beer, that often has coffee and chocolate notes thanks to the roasted malts used. This beer is everything I want in a beverage, without being so thick that you need to wait an hour after dinner to drink it. As the beer style suggests, it is low in both I.B.U.s and alcohol content, weighing in at 4.8% alc/vol, and has an I.B.U. of 22. The beer is more delicate than you would expect from one so dark, and conjures up the same juxtaposition presented by VIB’s Herman’s Dark Larger – it is both light and dark, which plays well with Mader’s character on the show. I bought two bottles the other day, and I think I’ll go back for a case. That way throughout this soggy Spring, my wife and I can enjoy a great beer, partly brewed by a woman, to raise much needed funds to help feed many women in need. Main Street Brewing’s “Witches Brew” was made to be reviewed by this Beer drinking Bird.

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