Tap & Barrel Turns Five

Vancouver is known for its fabulous summer weather, and stunning ocean views. In my opinion, one place that captures both is Tap & Barrel in Olympic Village. If you can get a table on their patio in the summer time, you have won the beer-on-spectacular-patio lottery. Yes, I just made up that lottery, but if you could get your hands on a ticket, would you try? I would, I have, and I have won at least once.

Even in the winter, Tap & Barrel still has a gorgeous view of False Creek, and wIMG_1116hen I was there on March 15th, watching the Dragon Boaters paddling by while drinking the first of five upcoming Collabobeers, Phillips’s Dazed & Co-Brewed East Coast IPA, the view did not disappoint. The rain that started pouring from the sky couldn’t dampen the citrus notes of this IPA (yes, I am writing about an IPA that I drank, enjoyed, and drank & enjoyed a second glass of – something new for this “no hops” lady) and when Chef Kieran Kearns paired it with the new Thick Bacon & Blue Cheese Burger, it was a match made in the beer-on-spectacular-patio lottery. The heavy and creamy blue cheese, sweet fig jam, and salty not-so-shy cuts of bacon, being washed down by the smooth, citrus flavour of the Phillips Co-Brew still makes my toes tingle with titillation. It reminds me of the darkening movie theatre as the opening score for Rogue One blasts from the speakers.

Beverage Director, Ryan Craig, says “Since its inception, Tap & Barrel has always possessed the philosophy that we will celebrate the best of BC. We only carry product from local independent breweries and BC wineries – all on tap.” He says this principle led them to reach out to local breweries, get to know the brewery staff, “whether it’s the tasting room staff or the brewers in the warehouse”, and create the Collabobeers idea. On a visit to Bridge Brewing, the idea was formed, and the Bridge Bourbon Blood Orange Wheat Ale was born.

Over the next four months, Tap & Barrel will be releasing these Collabobeers, each paired with a new burger – which individually, in my opinion, are worth trying your hand at the patio lottery. Bridge Brewing is up next with something spicy and fruity to sink your teeth into (think mango), so get in soon to enjoy these new beers (visit on a Monday to enjoy $1 off these new beers) and support BC Craft Beer.



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