The Lady Show

lady-showSometimes I really need to laugh, and Vancouver is home to 6 really funny ladies who put on The Lady Show. Katie-Ellen Humphries, Erica Sigurdson, Morgan Brayton, Fatima Dowhre, and Robyn Daye Edwards started out with a funny talk show on OutTV, which they decided did not equate to enough time spent together, so they started their own Bi-monthly comedy show at Little Mountain Gallery on Main St. Shortly after a rave response to her guest appearance, Diana Bang joined the concrete line-up of funny gals. Each show the ladies invite another talented female, or two, to join the show, and the rest is side-splitting fun.

In December, myself, my wife, and a friend of ours went to their “So Long 2016” show, this time at a new, temporary venue on Cambie, The Kino. I sat back with some tasty tapas and a tall pint of Strange Fellows Talisman Pale Ale. I can always trust the Talisman Pale Ale to satisfy and I can that it was love at first sip when I first stepped foot in that brewery. But that is for another, sunnier time to talk about.

On this day, we were thrilled to be hosted by Robyn, who was quick to warn the audience that she has a girlfriend now, but proceeded to flirt with the “straight” girl to her right, all night long. Erica came up first and tickled our funny bones as a right wing feminist. Katie had the audience spellbound in anticipation as she clapped her way through her first performance of the night (trust me, if you were there, you were almost peeing with laughter at this point). She was followed by the first special guest of the night, Katie Nordgren, host of Sea Hags Podcast.

Following the intermission, where donations were collected for the Lady Show’s Christmas Hamper raising money to help local single mother families, Morgan and Katie came up to do The Lady News (think Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on SNL) which included a weather update on the “Polar Vortex” by Diana. Robyn then got to the nitty-gritty of the group dynamics to her right (sussing out who was hoping to go home with who and whether the one woman was truly “straight”) giving

Diana enough time to come up and do what she does best – making our sides split with her deadpan quirk. Morgan tried really hard to not knock anyone’s drinks off their tables dressed as a huge chocolate chip cookie lamenting how “everyone’s favourite cookie” is forgotten during the holidays. The evening was finished off by special guest Melanie Rose who has recently signed on with Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club in town as a regular.

With February comes the doldrums of winter, when we are all wishing it to be Spring, but we have more than a month of dreary rain to go, before more rain, but longer days. February 10th will be the next Lady Show, at an as-of-yet undisclosed location. Keep an eye on The Lady Show Facebook Page, their Twitter or their website for those details, but you can bet I will be there again, pint of beer in hand, ready to laugh away the grey of another Vancouver winter.



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