Fernie Brewing Java The Hut Coffee Milk Stout

Luke Skyhopper. Chew-Bock-A. Obi Wit Kenobi. The internet is a glorious place for beer and Star Wars nerds to combine their punny abilities and see what they can create. But which comes first, the name or the brew? I believe it is a bit of both, and if you can create an “out of this world” brew, why not go to Sci-Fi for help in naming what you make.

When I first saw Fernie Brewing’s Java the Hut, I was intrigued. Next, I noticed that it was a coffee milk stout. I figured that two of my favourite things paired together could not go wrong, and ohfernie_java-the-Hut was I right! If you like a dark, smooth, thick beer, this is 100% the beer for you. Weighing in at just 5% ABV and 40 IBU’s, it is a good sipping beer to have all night long. I especially like the mouthfeel of this beer, thanks to the lactose added – it is one creamy beer.

Recently, at chocolate school, I got a quick lesson on beer and where the “chocolate flavour” comes from; it’s all in the malts! For those that don’t know, unless it’s stated on the beer label that cocoa nibs were added (much as coffee beans are) to the mash, the chocolate notes you are tasting come from the aptly named chocolate malt. Pair this malt with real Crowsnest Coffee Beans (located in Fernie) and the milk sugar, and BAM! Even Boba Fett would be happy to search the Galaxy for a satisfying bomber of this beer. Lucky for us, you can find it in many places in the lower mainland, including BCL’s.

If anyone out there makes a Chew-Bock-A that is in any way similar to Fernie’s Java the Hut, or my favourite since young adulthood, VIB’s Hermannator, I will buy a case – you have my word. Until that lands on my door step, I will say this: with my love of dark beers being extremely apparent, this is one winter beer I am thrilled to find in my stocking, or on every liquor store shelf.

– Jill


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