Field House Brewing Salted Black Porter

I had the chance to visit Field House Brewing earlier this month. It’s an amazing space with a REAL fireplace! It was gorgeous on a cold, snowy day and I can’t wait to return in the summer! While I was there I couldn’t leave with snagging a bottle of the Salted Black Porter. I love trying unique beers and different styles and this was no exception.fieldhouse_salted

Off the bat the nose has a bit of coffee and a faint licorice smell, which isn’t surprising as it’s made with dutch droppies. I detest black licorice, so off the bat I wasn’t very excited. Fresh out of the fridge the licorice flavour is in the first sip, but the key with porters/stouts is to let them warm up a bit. Once I did that, I found the licorice flavour faded away and more of the salted-ness came out! This was very exciting as I was concerned the licorice flavour would strengthen as it warmed. I also found that when it was warmer there was more of a caramelly hint as well. This beer is fantastically crafted and robust. It’s well balanced and comes in at 6.5% ABV and 25 IBU. If you’re looking for a porter that gives you a wide variety of flavours on your palate, and you like your beer just a little salty, then this is for you!



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