Lemon Gin Saison by Bridge Brewing Company

lemon ginNobody is more excited about spring time and the arrival of some new saison beers on the market, than me! Without a doubt, this style is my favorite style- crisp, clean, funky in a good way and so refreshing.

Say hello to the latest sunny brew from North Vancouver’s Bridge Brewing Company, Lemon Gin Saison. It weighs in at an easy 5.5% ABV which is ideal for patio season in my opinion!

First impressions? Pours a deep cloudy straw with a dense head, heavy juniper nose and just enough bubbles to make it oh-so-right. I detected slightly sweet and yeasty notes as well soon after pouring and was expecting a “bite”.

Upon the first sip I wasn’t blown away by juniper or gin with this saison. I definitely detected more of a bright lemon taste but as it warmed a bit in my glass, that lemon became smoother. It’s got the yeasty funk of a saison that I expected, but it also finished much sweeter. There’s a mellow bitterness in the middle that adds a perfect amount of character. If you love saisons for the unique ‘spiciness’ they offer- this won’t disappoint. Lemon peel, coriander and the addition of pink peppercorns up the complexity level a couple notches on this beauty.

It’s best to drink a saison chilled and alongside flavors that won’t dominate the delicacy of it. I opted for some brie cheese and fruit since it was a before dinner snack! I may be sitting at home by the fire sipping this saison, but it’s not hard to imagine being on a sunny patio in Vancouver enjoying it equally.

I’m not sure how long this will be available so if you’re looking to add a little liquid sunshine to your life, I strongly recommend you pick one up.


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