Main Street Brewing Up Your Sporran

Our guest bird Jill checks in with another review!

Up Your Sporran. Sounds like something Han Solo might say to Greedo. Or you can order the beer by such a name at Main Street Brewing. I did, and I fell in love. This Scotcmain-street_up youh Ale has a light bubble, a hint of smoke, and a sweet caramel flavour. It’s dark, has a low I.B.U. of 20 and comes in 12 or 16 oz glasses.

I have watched this brewery grow from being an odd building with a sign on it about becoming a brewery (it opened later than it promised it would, but the wait was worth it!) to a cool place to hang out. There are trees growing up through the middle of tables, bare bulbs strung up like Christmas lights, a countertop full of yummy treats, and even wine by the glass or bottle.

The Scotch Ale weighs in at 7.5%, so keep that in mind if it’s too far to walk home. But on one of those quintessential Vancouver Summer evenings, when I go for a walk in my neighbourhood, I’m looking for something that reminds me of a weekend of camping. So, Up Your Sporran. Bottoms up!


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