R & B Brewing Hidcote Lavender Saison

rb brewing_lavender-saisonBrace yourselves beer fans, I’m doing another saison review and then I promise to feature some of the tasty summer beers we can expect to enjoy this summer!

This isn’t your average saison however; it’s the latest brew in R & B Brewing’s “Mount Pleasant Series” and lavender is the star. When I say it’s the star I mean it’s more the quiet, reserved center of the stage as opposed to that loud, brash kind. Keeping it local, the lavender is from Happy Valley Farms just outside of Victoria and it lends a delicate subtlety to the beer. Hidcote Lavender is prized for it’s sweet smell. It is quite noticeable in the aroma at first and this is perhaps for me, the best part. I always tell new-to-craft-beer people not to forget to smell! It’s not just for wine and this beer is a perfect example. The floral is a delicious hint that is just ahead of the usual spicy fragrance of a saison.

It pours a beautiful straw with bubbles a plenty sparkling away in the glass. An airy head and slight lacing take part as I began to sip. I personally found the lavender very easy and in no way did it overshadow the wheaty and peppery notes of the beer. Those sensitive to floral tastes may find it too much- opinions seem to be all over the map on this. I thought it was a perfect accompaniment to an already delicate style of beer and somehow rounded it out to create an entirely new taste.

As with any saison I always recommend it be consumed next to delicate flavors without excessive spicy/hot overtones. It’s a great patio beer in the summer time and can hold it’s own (thanks to those bubbles) as a fancy dinner beer. Extremely sessionable its 5% and 21 IBU’s. Bonus: It’s a treat for the eyes too if you’re big on labels and gorgeous fonts. The Mount Pleasant Series (named after the neighborhood of the brewery) sports classically simple labels all of rich color and style.

Don’t forget R & B has undergone a major transformation and soon will be unveiling their new tasting room and menu- complete with an outdoor patio!




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