Ridge Brewing Grapefruit IPA

Guest bird Mel drops in with another great review!


I really like the light, refreshing beers of summer over the heavy, dark beers of winter. Add a fruit to it, even better. Ridge Brewing Company in Maple Ridge has done just that with their Grapefruit IPA. Grapefruit and IPA is probably the most classic combination and I really love what Ridge Brewing has made. This beer smells and tastes just like grapefruit. Ridge uses their Green Eyes White English IPA as the base to make their Grapefruit IPA. I find the Green Eyes White to be quite a hoppy beer. However, when they added the sweetness of the grapefruit, it balances the bitterness of the hops perfectly. It does not taste like it has an IBU of 73.

This beer actually reminded me of drinking a sparkling grapefruit soda. It wasn’t as sweet as pop but it does have a hint of sweet and is very refreshing. It has an ABV of 5.5% making it a perfect sunny day patio beer.  I really like the Ridge Brewing Grapefruit IPA and will be drinking this again. This beer is only available at the brewery and it is available for growler fills. I recommend heading over and grabbing some right away because as Ridge Brewing says it’s a “perfect day for Grapefruit IPA”.


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