Roundhouse Radio Jan 29 Hyper-Local Part 2

On our most recent show on Roundhouse Radio, we explored Yeast Van….again. As we all know there’s more than one show bundled up in this awesome hood! Welcome to Hyper-Local Part 2 and beers from Off the Rail, Doan’s Craft Brewing Company, Strange Fellows and last but not least, Parallel 49.

Screenshot_2016-01-31-13-09-33-1First up was a new nut brown ale from Off the Rail, East Bound Nut Brown. Like their other beers, this one too has a musical influence in it’s name. It’s a play on words of the Smokey & the Bandit song “East Bound and Down” and the style is a personal fave of both owner Steve, and Brewmaster Mike. This beer is a collaboration of everything they both love about English ales and nut browns. Personally speaking, I’m a fan of nut browns because they bring that strong malt presence I love, and the hops are in the background. It brought a nice caramel and roasted taste, and at 5% it comes in quite sessionable!

Next up was the *new-and-improved* Altbier from the Doan brothers. Altbier literally means “old beer” in German and this is in reference to it’s roots in the Rhine region, especially Dusseldorf. It’s basically an old world German version of a pale ale. I love the copper color it pours out and although roasty notes are there, it’s got a distinctive hop bite that you would expect from a pale ale. We all agreed given the stronger flavor of the nut brown, we really should have sampled this beer first. It took a few sips to get the full taste but hey, it’s a tough gig and we do what we gotta do for the love of beer!

The third beer we tasted was a tried and true winter favorite in Vancouver, Parallel 49’s Ugly Sweater Milk Stout. We decided to bring this one as another example of a milk stout after featuring the Hearthstone one on a previous radio show. This is a good example of heavy, creaminess a milk stout is known for. The Ugly Sweater is quite a sweet beer and one much more geared towards a slow sipper, than a beer you may have a few of.

20160129_170148We ended the show with Grisette from Strange Fellows. This style of beer may not be well known to many, and often takes a backseat to the more popular, Saison. Whereas a saison was brewed after the fall harvest with the intent on being beer for farm workers in the coming season, the Grisette was brewed for mine workers. It was a working class beer, low in alcohol and light in body. Gris is french for the color grey, and this refers to drab clothing worn by working class women of the 17th Century. This beer lacks the lactic acid that gives a saison it’s “funk” but still does carry a slight tang. We all found this beer incredibly delicious and very drinkable!

It was a blast exploring Yeast Van with you, and stay tuned for our next show!



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