Russell Brewing White Rabbit Hoppy Hefeweizen

This is not your typical hefeweizen folks. You probably already assumed a bit of that from the label and the name….”hoppy hefeweizen“. I have openly admitted to not being a super-fan of the overly hoppy beers, so it was with a little apprehension I eyed the coming of this beer. My love for hefeweizens won out however, and when I was given a bottle as a gift, I jumped right in. First thought? Why the hell did I wait so long?? It’s still a hefe in the traditional sense that tastes of clove and banana and even a slight lemon brightness was present, but there was hops. It was an ever so slight bitter finish at the end of each sip that left me wanting more. This was the kinda hop I could really dig. This little White Rabbit has been on my mind all day…




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