Squamish Beer Festival

It might have been a bit windy and a bit rainy, but no one was complaining about the wetness at the first Squamish Beer Festival on Saturday July 11. People came prepared sporting raincoats and ponchos all in the name of craft beer!IMG_1904

There was a large selection of craft beer from all over BC, which is exciting for people in the Squamish area who might not make it to the Vancouver area festivals. For anyone who’s had a taste of the local brews, there were guests from Ontario, Colorado, California, and even a selection of international¬†imports! There was definitely something for everyone. There’s nothing better than going to a festival where you haven’t already had all the beers. Even more exciting was our own “Ladies Own” DIPA from the Big River Ladies Craft Beer Extravaganza was being served! It had some very positive reviews.


The live music was fantastic as it was far enough from the crowd that it wasn’t making conversation difficult but gave the event the ambience that a festival beneath the Chief deserves. Several food trucks came up from Vancouver to give a wide variety of lunch options, and there was a chance to purchase the beer you sampled as you left. This is a huge bonus to locals as maybe some of your faves don’t make it to the Sea To Sky liquor stores.

All in all it was a fun day and a great event. Looking forward to next year!


The Chief looms over us



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