Steamworks Flagship IPA

Last week, I had the chance to try the new Flagship IPA from Steamworks Brewing. This beer wasted no time winning awards, coming away with Gold in the North American IPA Category and Best in Show at the 2016 BC Beer Awards.

This beer is super cloudy, almost a peach colour, and has an extremely sneaky bitterness level. The bitter lingers for a bit and leave a bit of an after taste but not enough to make you regret having this beer. It’s a really well balanced beer! It has a strong juicy, citrus nose, with of course comes from the use of Citra hops! You’ll also find Mosaic and Galaxy hops in there. This beer comes in at 6.7% ABV and 65 IBU

I must say I’ve been super impressed with Steamworks Beers in the last few years. I used to detest having the only option downtown being the Brewpub because I always found the beers boring and bland, but that’s definitely not the case anymore. I’ve had almost every beer that’s been released in the last 2-3 years and they’ve all been well-crafted and true to their taste.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to try their Pumpkin Ale, which in my opinion is the best pumpkin beer in the province. Every year it’s a slam dunk!



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  1. Their beer has been stepping up for sure but this is a serious departure from what they have been doing even recently. I am super impressed with this beer and I hope it is only the first very experimental beer for them.

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