Steamworks Salted Chocolate Porter

Yes, it seems I’m on a salty beer run right now and that’s okay by me! The next beer on my salt adventure is Steamworks Salted Chocolate Porter.

Off the bat, it’s a gorgeous dark colour. No light gets through when I held it up and I love that. I love a heavy steamworks_salted_porterlook in a porter. First sniff and you definitely get that salty smell. Not like an ocean salt, but you definitely know that this beer is a salty one! Based on the colour and style, I was expecting this to be a very heavy beer,┬ásomething most chocolate porters are, however the body was incredibly light! I was a big fan of this because I don’t like being filled up on beer and feeling uncomfortable. While it’s a light body, it is not light on any flavour. The saltiness really lingers in the finish, it’s exactly what eating salted chocolate is like. It was yummy how the chocolate flavour isn’t overwhelming either. Some chocolate beers are just too sweet and almost sickly, but this is a chocolate porter that I could drink all night. Hats off to Julia! This is fantastic and it’s so great to see more and more women rocking the brewery world!



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