Steamworks Summer Ale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas….spring and summer! It’s my favorite time not only because the sun comes out but, of course, for the beer. I was pretty excited when asked to attend the Steamworks Summer Ale launch party in Gastown last week. I don’t need my arm twisted to partake in any beer tasting but when it’s a fruity, crispy summer ale say no more- I’m there.

The Uber Room at the gorgeous Steamworks pub was the place to be on Thursday, April 6th. It was decked out in beach garb and 2 full bars with pouring out the pints. I got there promptly at 5:06 pm so I rather had the place to myself!

steamworks-summer_ale1A beautiful spread of appy’s including fresh fruit, sliders, cheese galore and other munchies was being offered throughout the evening and several other Steamworks beers were being poured as well.

The beer of the night however, the Summer Ale, poured nice and hazy like a true wheat beer. It was a bit bubbly on the nose and super crisp! Although it had a distinct citrus aroma, the experience of my first sip was like biting into an apple. That sensory explosion; the sharp bite, the crisp tang. The taste was light on orange and lemon peel with a very subtle hops (20 IBU’s). If you’re like me and not a super hop fan, this is quite light and sure to quench your thirst. If you shy away from the fruitier beers because you think they will be too sweet- give this a try. It definitely held its own.

If you want to enjoy more than one on a patio this season, you can do so and not worry about getting smashed. At 4.8% it’s a perfect sessionable ale to enjoy outside. It’s available in the 4 pack of cans of course and in the Summer Smash Up mix pack!

Summer prep doesn’t get any easier really…



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