Steel & Oak Towers and Trains Earl Grey IPA

I don’t wanna brag or nothing, but I definitely had a chance to try this beer long before it even know it was going to be this beer. A visit to Steel & Oak waaaaay back in it’s early opening days (think back to when they ran out of beer) Jorden excitedly brought out a tiny sample of a beer that he said was a fun experiment. At the time, I loved it! But sadly, nothing ever came of that little sample. Until now!steel_oak-towers-trains

Towers and Trains is a delicious twist on the IPA. Made with earl grey tea it has “notes of lime, grapefruit and of course bergamot with a refreshing black tea bitterness on the finish.” I noticed the elements of tea in it as the IPA wasn’t your usual hoppy bitter, but a smoother, almost refined bitterness. Coming in at 6.2 % and 50 IBUs, it’s a very easy to drink beer. It was a super limited can release, so if you can still find it I highly recommend you hustle out there and get it! I do kind of wish it was slightly creamier, maybe a tiny lactose added or brewed with cream of earl grey? Regardless, you’re in for a treat with this beer.


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