Udder Domination by Dead Frog Brewery

deadfrog-brewery-udderdomination Thanks to the amazing folks out in Aldergrove at Dead Frog Brewery, we were gifted a couple bottles of their new milk stout, Udder Domination. Usually Shawna is the one to sample the stouts but it’s fun for me to try them as it’s not my go-to style of beer or first choice. I was excited about this one for a couple of reasons; one- it was a milk stout, and two- it’s got some dark chocolate notes. Sounds decadent.

Milk stouts have a really interesting story- originally thought of by John Henry Johnson in 1875 as a “nutritive beer” he could offer the many English laborers in the cities. He basically envisioned a beer with the addition of lactose, which was a by-product of cheese-making, and whey. Although he never saw his dream realized, it was taken up by others who saw the potential the new brew had. Finally produced in 1910, milk stouts claimed to have the “energizing carbohydrates of ten ounces of dairy milk” (so said the ads and touted the brewers).

Udder Domination claims it’s roasted, creamy & bovine. I absolutely loved the play on words and label- it’s keeping in tradition with the fun and sometimes wacky labels this brewery puts out. Never a dull boring one!

This beer poured out like liquid dark chocolate almost…deep, rich and thick. There was very little head so don’t be expecting tons of creamy froth to go through. It had an aroma reminiscent of a boozy cappuccino followed by deeply roasted malts. My first sip was so, so smooth and creamy. This is a sweet beer due to the addition of lactose so it may be best in smaller quantities or savored as a dessert of sorts. Personally I shared the bottle and found one glass just right for me. I think anything more and it would have been too much sweetness for me. The chocolate really came through which made me totally ecstatic. Many stouts say notes of chocolate and I can barely detect it. Udder Domination is a beautiful combination of dark chocolate and the roasted malt richness without any bitterness.

Like I said, stouts are not my first choice and I absolutely love it when I find a pretty cool one I can say, “Yeah. I’d drink that again.” Since it weighs in at a big 7.9% exercise caution when consuming but this makes it even more perfect for after dinner.

I’d definitely drink it again…


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