Yami and Kiwami – Fuggles and Warlock X Powell Street Brewing

I am the worst when it comes to procrastinating.  I should have a PhD in procrastination, I’m so bad.  I have been trying to write this for a couple of weeks and just couldn’t seem to finish it. If you’re still able to find these beers, move quickly! yami

Yami is a dark sour wheat ale with Saskatoon berries. This is the second collaboration in the sour series between Powell Street Brewing and Fuggles & Warlock Brewing. It is the complete opposite of their first beer, Hikari. The names of the beer have opposite meanings; Yami is the Japanese word for darkness whereas Hikari means light. The colours are the most obvious difference, as it’s quite literal to their names. The Hikari is a light straw colour whereas the Yami is almost black.

The Yami is a dark burgundy colour that almost looks black in the glass. I didn’t get much head at all when I poured it. I did get a thin ring of foam around the edge of my glass that was a pale red colour. When I first poured it into my glass, the beer had the boozy smell of fermented fruit, but that quickly faded to a fruity,berry smell. At 6.8%, it’s not a boozy beer as the first smell might have indicated.

I found the beer to be both tart and sweet at the same. At first sip, it’s a little tart and you can really taste the fruit. It reminded me of cherry juice. The aftertaste was a little wheaty, but that quickly turned into a sweet berry finish. I haven’t eaten many Saskatoon berries so I wasn’t sure what exactly a Saskatoon tastes like. I find they have a very similar flavor to blueberries.  

Unlike the Hikari, I didn’t find the Yami to be very sour. I did find it to have some tartness but I wouldn’t say it was super sour. This didn’t make pucker the way the lemon of the Hikari did. I found the berries gave it some richness and fruity flavors typically found in wine. This is tasty sour for those who don’t like a lot of funk of pucker in their sours, aka me.


So what is Kiwami? In Japanese, it means the Ultimate. Oh My! Bold move to name a beer “the ultimate”. With a name like this can it hold up to expectations? Kiwami is a standalone creation from Fuggles and Warlock, but damn if all three of them lined up together don’t look amazing 😉

The Kiwami is a plum sour. I would say the colour is a pinky orange and was kind of hazy in my glass. Just like the Yami, this one had little to no head when I poured it into my glass. It smelled quite simply of plums. This one also had an immediate boozy smell from the fermented fruit that quickly dissipated to nothing but plums. It has a nice low IBU of 7 and an alcohol content of 6.8%

The Kiwami is very tart and very sour. From the first sip, my mouth just started salivating. It’s the same reaction I have when I eat sour candies. I love those candies, so I love that I had the same reaction to this beer. The plum flavor was all I could taste. There was very minimal sweetness, mostly a tart plum flavour. It was like eating a plum that hadn’t had been given time to fully ripen before you eat it. This beer smells and tastes just of plums and man is it good.

For me, this beer really lived up to its name. I have really liked the three beers in this series but Kiwami is my favourite. It really is “The Ultimate”! I am a fussy sour drinker. I don’t always know why I do or don’t like a sour but I know that I have really liked the two beers that Powell Street and Fuggles & Warlock have made. With the name Kiwami, does that mean it the final beer of the series?  I don’t know, but I hope not.



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