Craft Beer Crafty Gifts

Looking for some homemade holiday gift ideas? This post is all about some things that you could make while upcycling your beer! I’m sure you (like me) have a multitude of beer paraphernalia lying around from our hobby, so here are some suggestions as to what you can do with them!


bottlecap_frame (1)

Collect your caps! The shadow box comes from Michaels. It has a sliding top so you can keep adding to it, and you can either add a sticker to the glass or leave it blank to showcase all the caps



A collage of beer labels! Maybe you have a friend who loves a certain style of beer, or a certain brewery, or just likes cool labels. Stick ’em all onto a canvas in any way you want. Once you’ve finished make sure to cover the whole thing in the Modge Podge to protect it.


Re-use your spent grain! Homebrewers have a multitude of options for using their spent grain. I make dog treats for my puggle, but I also know of people making cookies, pasta, bread, and more! So if you’re the baking type, you just need a festive container or bag and you’re set for yummy gifts for anyone (or any dog!)



Re-use those caps to make coasters for your next drink! I used the anti-slip pads for tables and chairs and glued them underneath the cap. I then glued those to some tile samples from Home Depot as the coaster. I also know that some people will glue a large magnet to the back of the caps and use them on their fridge.


Do we really ever have enough coasters? This is taking the label from a bottle and sticking over top an existing ordinary coaster you would find at any pub. A great way to showcase your favourite labels or breweries! Just be sure to cover the coaster with Modge Podge to protect it and keep it attached.



Beer bottles out the wazoo? Turn them into glasswear! There’s a multitude of suggestions as to how to turn bottles into glasses on the internet, or you can support a local artist! The above glasses are made by Perpetual Motion Creative Works, who have also ventured into the world of building wooden growler and bottle boxes.




Beer cap earrings! A variety of hooks are available at Michael’s and all you need to do is add the hole in the cap!










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