Fuggles and Warlock Raiden Black Rye IPA

While the opening of the new Fuggles and Warlock tasting room looms ever closer, production at the facility has been ongoing for several months. I have to be honest, everything I’ve tasted out of the new brewery is the best that F&W has brewed to date. Perhaps it the new fancy brewing system, or having complete control of the systems, ingredients, and entire process (vs brewing out of rented space at other breweries).raiden2

I remember having Raiden Black Rye IPA last year, but I don’t remember it tasting this good. I enjoyed it (according to my Untappd check ins) but this time I loved it.

Once you pour you’ll find the beer is a dark brown and nearly black, what else would you expect from a beer with
BLACK in the name. It has a super “fresh” nose, I smell the rye, but I also smell some amazing hops. The best I can compare it to is a wet hopped beer. It has that same crisp freshness. It has a super smooth mouthfeel with a sharp finish, which I again liken to a wet hopped beer. The beer is actually dry hopped with Ella, Citra, Amarillo, and Galaxy. A really great combination in my opinion.

With the “crispiness” of the hops, I find that they don’t linger in a bitter way and are slightly sweetened, giving you a lovely balance. They sneak up a little bit after your first sip, but they aren’t over powering. There’s also bit of spiciness to it, not in a heat/hot sort of way, but a peppery little buzz.

Raiden is available at local stores now and stay tuned to Fuggles and Warlock’s social media for news of their impending tasting room opening!


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