Who are the Birds?



Nickname: Shazza

From: Kingston, Ontario

Currently lives in: Burnaby, BC

Drinking style: I’m currently on a serious cider kick. Outside that I enjoy a good sour and a tasty IPA

All time favourite BC craft beer: Fuggles & Warlock Destiny IPA

Why Beer Birds: I love the craft beer scene in Vancouver and I wanted to find a way to get involved and engage the (awesome) female side of craft beer fans!

Three Confessions: I’m a huge Ottawa Senators Fan. I’m a sucker for season 1 of The O.C. I’ve never seen Terminator but seen all the sequels and TV shows.



Nickname: Just Jill, JB, Jilly Bear

From: Cobble Hill, BC (Vancouver Island)

Currently lives in: Vancouver, BC

Drinking style: Typically I walk into a place serving beer and ask for the darkest beer they have on tap. Or I will pick a style or a couple of options and tell the server to choose for me. So long as the IBUs are below 30 I know I will be happy, hoppy on the other hand, is not my favourite, but I will try the odd one.

All time favourite BC craft beerJava the Hut Coffee Milk Stout by Fernie Brewing Company.

Most exotic place you’ve had a beer: Under a mango tree in Mexico that was dropping mangos on our heads. It was 90 degrees F (32 C) in the shade at 10 am, and the beer was a Dos Equis.

Why Beer Birds: Why wouldn’t I want an excuse to drink beer and tell people about it? Also, I drink like a girl and want to celebrate the fact that I can do so, in this beautiful city, all year ‘round.

Three Confessions: I am a HUGE Star Wars fan (as a child I read every single book in the extended universe and am starting to reread them), I am a fighter for Women’s Rights, LGBTQ Rights, and Ending the Stigma against Mental Illness, and I really like to wear hats.


Guest Birds


Nickname: Cherry Critterchere and hefe, Crouton

From: Gold River, BC (Vancouver Island)

Currently lives in: Vancouver, BC

Drinking style: It may sound boring but I know what I like. I love saisons, wheat beers, Kolsch and even fruity variations. Tried & true. I’ll try just about anything once, but go back to the styles I know I love. I love Belgians so…

All time favorite BC craft beer: Four Winds Brewing, Saison

Most exotic place you’ve had a beer: Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem- a pub built into a cliff face in Nottingham, UK. Its said to be England’s oldest pub, built in 1189 but many pubs have tried to claim this. I don’t know if it’s true but the place was full of history & charm. The beer? An Old Speckled Hen.

Why Beer Birds: I absolutely love what’s happening with craft beer and wanted a place to write down my thoughts and share with others. I also wanted women to embrace this scene, and be comfortable talking about beer and to TRY SOMETHING new. Hooking up with Alice & Rebecca just seemed a good thing to do.

Three Confessions: I don’t like IPA’s, I procrastinate so much CTV recently asked me to come on and admit to being a self-professed procrastinator (with 1 days notice. I don’t think so!) and I love lima beans.



Nickname: Melmel

From: Surrey/Kelowna (during my teen years)

Currently lives in: Surrey

Drinking style: Sweeter and fruitier beers like wits, berliners, hefes, and fruit beers.  But my weakness is ciders.  I absolutely love cider.

All time favourite BC craft beer: Fuggles & Warlock The Last Strawberry

Favourite beer festival: Farmhouse Fest

Dream beer collaboration: After Four winds made their apple oat saison, Exil D’eden, I would love to see something done with the local cideries

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