What is a Saison Anyway?

One of the best saisons I've ever had...

One of the best saisons I’ve ever had…


Meet the best saison you will ever taste. It’s BC brewed over in Delta at a Four Winds (website isn’t up quite yet but there are links to Facebook and Twitter) and quite a force to be reckoned with. In general a saison is traditionally around 7% ABV, highly carbonated, fruity and/or spicy. All this may sound a little “weird” if you like a simple beer with no taste (ack! Who does?) but done right, as the Four Winds is, it’s a bloody amazing beer. Dare I say it has a slight funk? Now funk- in saison terms- is a GOOD thing. Really. It can be earthy, tangy, crisp and no matter what, always refreshing.

Funk, as described on Bear Flavored is probably the best I’ve come across so far:

“Frequency: Sour / wild ales
Result Of: Yeast
See Also: Brett; Sour
A major flavor in sour beers, or beers aged with Brettanomyces (i.e. Orval.) A beer can be funky without being fully sour. “Funky” is a wild, living, natural smell; not really comparable to anything else I’ve ever smelled or tasted. Some people also use the word “barnyard” or “farmhouse” to denote this ripe, earthy, leathery quality.”

The saison has simple roots. Often brewed by farmers and town folk in the winter time with the intention of lasting through the summer months. It had to have a higher alcohol content to the last the long months of storage but had to be low enough to hydrate, and not incapacitate, farm workers.

Bring on the funk!



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