What’s In A Name Anyway?

Sitting here contemplating why I love Doppelbocks so much brought me to thinking (for the upteenth time), why most of this beer tends to have names that end in “ator”.

For instance:

Captivator by Tree Brewing

Instigator by Phillips Brewing

Deviator by Cameron’s Brewing Co.

Lucubrator by Occidental Brewing Co.

This is only 4 of tons available and I figured had to be a reason- and if so, why on earth didn’t I know this already? Turns out the monks who originally brewed this style in Germany named it “Salvator”, or Savior. This name however is trademarked by Paulaner International, a Munich brewery founded in 1634. Modern day brewers carry on this tradition as a nod to the original brewers. Now I know.

It makes an interesting game after you’ve had  few doppelbocks; trying to come up with new and creative names!

I’ll get back to my beer now.




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